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CONMED to globalna medyczna firma, która specjalizuje się w opracowywaniu i sprzedaży produktów i usług monitorowania pacjenta podczas zabiegu chirurgicznego, które pozwalają naszym lekarzom zapewnić wysokiej jakości opiekę, a co za tym idzie, poprawić wyniki leczenia pacjentów.

ConMed - Surgical Smoke Evacuation

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ClearView™ Smoke Evacuation Unit

CONMED’s ClearView Smoke Evacuation Unit is a compact, quiet and effective smoke evacuation solution with state-of-the-art ULPA filtration to combat airborne hazards by removing 99.999% of the smoke contaminants1.

Surgical smoke contains over 80 chemicals2,3 that have the same level of mutagenicity as 27-30 cigarettes4.

  • Effective Evacuation: System features 4-stage ULPA filtration to remove 99.999% of the smoke contaminants from the surgical site.1
  • Quiet Operation: Reduces noise pollution in the OR.
  • Compact, Easy-to-Integrate Design: Allows for easy placement on shelf, counter or stacking.
  • Automatic Activation: System only activates when electro-cautery is used for seamless integration with System 5000 ESU and other ESUs.
  • Multiple Settings for Multiple Procedures: Features three flow settings (Low/Lap, Medium and High/Turbo) to meet the needs of different procedure types.
  • 3-Port Filter Design: Accommodates a variety of tubing sizes, providing versatility in procedure and accessory setup.
  • Up to 35 Hour Filter Life: Delivers unsurpassed value by automatically tracking and recording filter life.

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Smoke Evacuation Pencils and Tubing GoldVac® and ClearVac®

GoldVac® and GoldVac® Slim Smoke Evacuation Pencils

GoldVac® is an electrosurgical pencil with smoke evacuation capability designed specifically for procedures and applications where accessibility and visibility are required in deep or narrow spaces.

  • Low profile for ergonomic comfort
  • Swivel allows the tubing to rotate for maximum range of motion in wrist
  • Extendable smoke tube to 6”
  • Plastic drape clip to attach to drape

ClearVac® Smoke Evacuation Pencils

  • Comfortable: Advanced styling of attachment cradles the electrosurgical pencil and creates an ultracomfortable grip. Lightweight tubing takes the bulkiness out of these smoke evacuation pencils. Ready-to-Go: Prepackaged and sterile with GoldLine® rocker switch, push button and foot control pencil configurations

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